The goal of the WPCS International Incorporated (WPCS) corporate governance policy is to define our commitment to stakeholders. Stakeholders are defined as investors, customers, employees, suppliers, communities, regulators and trade associations. The purpose of defining this commitment is to clearly communicate the corporate objectives and parameters so that there is executive accountability to operate in a fair and ethical manner at all times.

The Board of Directors

WPCS is comprised of executive and non-executive directors that will maintain checks and balances in addressing corporate issues. All board members are required to participate in open and honest disclosure. Board members are chosen for their experience and the ability they possess to contribute to the committees.


WPCS has the following three committees, which are comprised of non-executive members only.

Executive Committee:
This committee recommends executive and director compensation as well as determine the effectiveness of board members and senior management as it pertains to performance, the integrity of leadership and the adherence to corporate governance parameters.

Audit Committee:
This committee is responsible for reviewing the company’s financial management parameters and confirming to the best of their knowledge proper and accurate financial procedures.

Nominating Committee:
This committee is responsible for recommending nominees for election as directors based on fulfillment needs and based on the selection criteria established by the board of directors, which shall be consistent with laws and listing rules.

Our Mission Statement

The mission of WPCS is to sustain responsible commercial success as a low-voltage communication contracting company. We must balance our goals of exceptional profitability, return on investment, leadership and superior services. We will conduct our business ethically and demonstrate leadership in satisfying our responsibilities to our customers, our investors, our employees and our communities. Our work environment will be safe, productive and characterized by fair treatment, teamwork, open communication, personal accountability and opportunities for growth and development. We will continue to push responsibility down through the organization so that employees can feel empowered to make positive contributions.

Our Employees

We want our employees to enjoy working for WPCS. Specifically, we want our employees to feel respected, to be treated fairly and to be involved with the success of the company. All employees will have the opportunity to contribute, learn, grow and advance based on merit. We are committed to the type of leadership that values a diverse workforce at all levels of the organization. By diversity, we also mean diversity in experience and diversity in perspectives. Differing points of view will be sought and will be valued, not suppressed. Our work environment will encourage collaboration, which will bring different talents and experiences together to produce better ideas and superior services.

Our Management

We want our managers to be leaders that exemplify directness, trust and openness to employee suggestions. In addition, we want managers that are committed to the success of others and are willing to acknowledge employee contributions. Recognition must be given to all who contribute whether the contribution is innovative or simple day-to-day effort. Employees will be told what is expected of them and will be reviewed periodically. Our managers will listen to their career aspirations and provide honest feedback for their development. Not only will we model this behavior, but we will also coach our managers to adopt this practice.

Code of Ethics

All employees are expected to act in a professional and ethical manner at all times during work or when representing the company. To achieve ethical conduct, we need genuine involvement by all WPCS employees. We need to discuss and agree what represents the best ethical practice and then we must educate all. WPCS will allow all managers and employees to express their views about what they believe the company stands for, how it may fall short and how collective values and behaviors may be improved or reinforced. WPCS will protect the right for an employee to express their view.